Preschool is a safe and nurturing place to learn social skills. We believe preschool is the perfect place to learn about our emotions and how our behavior can affect ourselves and others. Our teachers act as facilitators in helping children learn appropriate ways to interact with their classmates, teachers, and environment.

At our school, we promote these problem solving and coping skills in an age-appropriate manner for each class:

  1. What can I do to solve a problem?
    ~Walk away
    ~Tell them to stop
  2.  Be Respectful of Self and Others
    ~Cooperative learning (taking turns)
    ~Care of toys and equipment
  3. Learn good etiquette
    ~Good manners
    ~Becoming independent and taking care of self

For children who need more guidance in behavior management, we promote problem-solving skills, redirecting children to another activity, and giving them choices. Some children may need to have a quiet, safe place to process their situation with an adult in a positive way before rejoining the group, and this is done in a loving, respectful and supportive way.  We do not practice any punitive discipline, and strive to build an inviting, creative and fun learning environment for our children to grow and learn.